Hi freedivers,

big big evening yesterday because we had the very first training of the only independent AIDA Belgium section active since 15 years in Belgium!

This training took place at the Netepark in Herentals. I know that swimming pool very well because I'm member of the Zeekat club training there on Tuesday's since 2011. The Zeekat members gave me a warm welcome and let me pratice freediving within their club. I had some visitors during these years, mostly linked to AIDA training.

But, last year, Vincent, An en Anneke made me a very nice surprise becoming member of the Zeekat too! This year, Thibault, Sabine and Gunther also showed interest to train together with us.

Because of these last events and thanks to my new position at AIDA Belgium, it gave me the opportunity to create the very first independant AIDA Belgium section. This means that that section is not dependent on another club/federation. To my knowledge, the last time this happened was at the very beginning of AIDA Belgium like 15 year ago!

I'm very proud of that section, I'm very thanskfull to An and Vincent for their support and I hope this could give inspiration to other AIDA instructors to develop their own section and therefore to further help developing freediving in our country.

By the way, Together with An and Thibault, we also found a very nice place in Herentals to correctly end up the trainings ^^.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you need more information about this ;)

Sea you,


Historical photo!

Historical photo!

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