Hey freedivers!

big big big achievement yesterday because the Belgian freediving community has now 4 brand new AIDA instructors, namely Cédric Bourgaux, Paul Troisfontaines, Wouter Van Crombruggen and Marie-Lorraine Weiss! The pool of active Belgian AIDA instructors just increased by more than 30% :D

We started this training end of August and after completing the theory, the course practicals, the many exams and also open water sessions, we ended yesterday evening in the nice swimming pool of Waterloo close to Brussels.

I'm very proud of my very first batch of AIDA instructors because I could certify my old freedive buddies and friends including 2 already experienced Apnea Academy instructors. Thank you Marie and Cédric for playing the cross-over game with me! We all learned al lot from each others and I'm very grateful for that!

Now time for me to rest a bit and maybe to think of training...for myself :D

By the way, there is a session in the quarry of Lessines this Sunday ;-)



AIDA instructors in uniform!

AIDA instructors in uniform!

It is over my friends, you all succeeded!

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