Always curious to discover new diving spots, An and myself responded to the invitation of Guillaume last Tuesday and drove to Louvain-La-Neuve to explore the hidden quarry of "Les Trois Fontaines", completely unrelated to our friend Paul btw ;-)

Finding the place was somewhat of an adventure in itself as we found ourselves driving, walking and waiting in total darkness in the woods. Great was our surprise when Guillaume arrived and with a flip of a button showed us the beautiful led-lit entrance, leading to a big underground cave functioning as a comfortable dressing room with immediate access to the water.

It was not long before we were geared up, put on our lamps and were ready to explore. We set up the buoy in the middle of the lake, which was also the deepest point (18m), and started with some warm-up dives. The water was very clear and at a comfortable temperature of 12° all the way to the bottom. Then we decided to switch off our lights a do some dives along the rope in total darkness, which was a very special feeling.

As Guillaume was having some difficulties equalizing and decided to go for a swim, we moved our attention to the edge of the lake. First we could find some interesting artefacts like a beer barrel, but greater was our excitement when we discovered a lobster and shrimp and we started exploring looking for more underwater creatures.

Some interesting underwater finds (pictures DifferentDive)
Some interesting underwater finds (pictures DifferentDive)

Some interesting underwater finds (pictures DifferentDive)

This was where the strong Greenforce of An came in very handy and we were able to see many micro-organisms living on the rocks. Soon it was already time to return to our dressing cave, where An, in good tradition, treated us to gin with chocolates.

Thanks Guillaume for a great evening, I am sure we will be back soon!

- Wouter Van Crombruggen

Night dive at "Les Trois Fontaines"
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