Hello freedivers,

what a great day again in Lessines! Huge group to welcome me when I arrived a bit late (sorry again guys ^^) at old Lessines.

Short briefing in the garden and then we all left for the new quarry.

Freedivers invasion (part 1).

Freedivers invasion (part 1).

EPSM team worked hard the past weeks to improve the infrastructure there. Now very big parking available close to the water and changing room for the ladies!

We suited up and reach the water. Quick Corona-proof group picture and go go go, for 2hours+ session in 15°C water :D

Freedivers invasion (part 2)

Freedivers invasion (part 2)

Freedivers  invasion (part 3)

Freedivers invasion (part 3)

I took care of Adrien and Roeland with whom we could work hard on their AIDA assistant instructor certication. Almost there guys, keep the good work! An was also kind enough to train Gert and help me to perform his AIDA cross-over course. Thank you again Anneke!

Another happy time occurred when Vince joined us. Loooong time no see in depth buddy :D

Happy faces!

Happy faces!

Next session will take place on October 18, let me know if you want to join ;-)

Have a nice week!


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