Hi freedivers,

Last Sunday, we had a pleasant session in the quarry of Dongelberg (close to Jodoigne).

I was nicely surprised to see 5 brave freedivers willing to dive in 10°C water with almost no visibility the first 30m :D. Thank you again Anneke, Ariel, Dieter, Pieter and Vincent!

Of course a big advantage of the quarry of Dongelberg is how easily we can acces the water ;-)

Good session in Dongelberg! The next one is planned ;-)

Luckily air temperature was around 15°C , but thought, there was a kind of wind that made us drift quite hard. So hard that we had to attach the buoys together :D.

Dieter had fun training with spearfisherman Vincent while Anneke en Ariel could enjoy freediving in the rain for the very first time ^^

Buoys had to be attached like in open sea!

Buoys had to be attached like in open sea!

That was also the opportunity for me to see a very old friend, namely Cédric! 10 years went away just like that! Happy to have had a chat with you and mostly to see you soon in Dongelberg ;-).

That was about time buddy!

That was about time buddy!

Because the quarry of Lessines is still closed, I will go back to the quarry of Dongelberg on December 16th. Meeting is still at 9.30pm.

Don't hesitate to join ;-)


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