Hello freedivers,

yesterday Evelien and Gilles did a long road to join me in the Netepark in Herentals since they come from Ghent and Beauvechain!

I knew Evelien before but yesterday I met Gilles for the first time in person since we did the theory session via a Skype call.

After some respiration excercices and a smooth relaxation phase, both did impressive time in static apnea and distance in dynamic apnea for a very first confined water sessions!

Nice to see so much potential in the young generation :D.



Thanks again to them for coming from so far away and also a big thanks to my VVW club, de Zeekat, for allowing me and my students to train in the Netepark :D.

Next visitor will be Fabrice to finish up his AIDA level 3 training within a couple of weeks.

See you,


Tag(s) : #UniversalFreedivers, #FormationAIDAUF, #zeekat, #netepark
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