Hi freedivers!

Nice surprise when I came back home yesterday evening...My new winter suit has arrived!

Very nice 5mm-7mm hybrid suit perfectly tailor-made by Italian top company Elios Sub! This suit is ideal to continue freediving during the winter period here in Belgium when the water conditions/visibility are actually the best of the year!

Big UF logo made available for free thanks to Paul UF Troisfontaines. Thanks again UF brother :D. Small UF also available...thanks to me :p.

Wonderfull logo still designed by Cédric Bourgaux already 6 years ago! I'm still very thankful for that buddy ;).

See you soon!


UF winter collection has arrived :D
Tag(s) : #UniversalFreedivers, #EliosSub, #ApnéeEnMilieuNaturel
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