Hey freedivers!

More than 2 months since my last open water dive, so it was really about time to feel the deep again!

A lot happened during that session since Lio was back in action after stopping-I-can't-tell-how-long :D, Julien did his first freediving session in open water ever, first time for Liese in the quarry of Dongelberg, first contact with Xavier while Fliety could practice instructor skills and Vincent assistant instructor skills ;-).

I was also happy to see Guillaume back in the water and Kevin and Isalyne improving their freediving skills!

Team of the day!

Team of the day!

Water conditions were excellent for Dongelberg, 14°C at the surface (6°C at 30meters) and more than 5meters visibility :p.

Fliety took care of Liese, Guillaume and Lio. Vincent took care of Xavier and I was caring for Isalyne, Kevin and Julien.


3 buoys available last Sunday!

3 buoys available last Sunday!

After more than 1hour session, Julien could easily complete his AIDA 2 freediver training while Kevin just as easily could complete his AIDA3 advanced freediver training. Congratulations to you guys!

I think that everybody could really enjoy that session and hopefully I will be able to organise a new one very soon in June ^^

Sea you,


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