Last weekend, Feli and myself were invited at Duiktank Transfo in Zwevegem to teach 2 freediving introductions. Unfortunately Feli could not make it due to a last minute call. So I had to take care of all of it :-)

In the first group, most of the participants were experienced freedivers. While Laurence, Dieter, Bert and Tony trained together, I coached Isalyne, Jo and Liese. Isalyne worked on her technique, Jo worked on his relaxation and Liese, who is an underwater hockeyplayer, took her first steps into freediving.

Freediving introductions at duiktank

In the second session everybody was new to freediving. Dragos, Kim, Bram, Simone and Joris had a big smile on their faces after every dive. They clearly enjoyed this new experience.

Freediving introductions at duiktank

I am super proud of my students! You all did very well, guys!

I will be back at Duiktank next week Sunday (September 24th) for another freediving introduction. For more information, you can contact me by email (

See you in the blue,

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