Hello freedivers!

very soon, an exciting event is going to take place in Belgium...The Ocean Film Festival 2016 will take over 7 cities including Antwerpen, Brugge, Brussels, Gent, Leuven, Mons and Namur.

This is organized by Micheline Vermeulen who asked me if I was interested to give an hand and to have a booth during the festival to present freediving to people...Of course I accepted!

But I won't be alone since some Universal Freedivers fellows including Istvan, Guillaume (we will talk more about him later ;-), Jeroen, Eric and Inge will help me  to represent the Universal Freedivers spirit at the following locations:

-Brussels: Istvan and Guillaume on October 27th and Istvan and myself on October 28th; 

-Antwerpen: Jeroen and myself on November 15th;

-Namur: Guillaume and myself on November 24th;

-Leuven: Eric and Inge on December 1st.

It would be nice if you could spread the word and also if you could attend this nice initiative. A vriendly visit to our booth would be nice too :D.

Herebelow the offical website, trailer and flyer!

See you soon!


PS: Fred Buyle and Hanli Prinsloo will be present in Brussels!


Universal Freedivers @ the Ocean Film Festival 2016
Universal Freedivers @ the Ocean Film Festival 2016
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