[Breaking news] AIDA manuals a.o. are released :D

Hello freedivers!

big big big achievement within the AIDA Education Committee since new AIDA education material including manuals was officially released some days ago!

This was a huge effort of several AIDA Instructors led by Oli Christen and coordinated by Jean-Pol François.

See hereunder the mail sent by AIDA International to active AIDA instructors but I think that this is actually interesting information for every freedivers :-).

By the way, the new material is available on demand for any former AIDA students.

See you!


[Breaking news] AIDA manuals a.o. are released :D

AIDA Education Material Release

December 2015

AIDA International is proud to announce the release of the new education materials. All AIDA Instructors are invited to download their copies in the “Materials” Section of EOS now and start using them immediately.

Content of the Education Material Release


·       AIDA Education Materials for AIDA1, AIDA2 and AIDA3 (Renewed!)

·       PDF-Manuals with “Knowledge Reviews” (totally NEW!)

·       Slide Sets (Renewed!)

·       Exams (Renewed!)

·       Course Completion Forms (Renewed!)

·       Liability Release (Renewed!)

·       Medical Form (Renewed!)

The AIDA Education Materials have been developed and proof read by a team of AIDA Instructor Trainers lead by J-P Francois and Oli Christen. Members of this group are: C. Coste, W. Trubrige, W. Boudhiaf, J. Sunnex, K. Lahtinen and C. Chapuis. Further contributions by J. Rovanpera, A. Boulting, B. Noble, D. Spahic, S. Millard, R. Wonka, F. Mastroleo, R. Rösken and Per Westin. Thanks to all!

What is new?


Apart from a new layout, AIDA now offers two ways for students to gain the required knowledge:


1.     As always: Instructor is teaching all content by using slide sets. The manual serves as a back-up for students to re-read topics of interest. Every bullet-point (also called “keyword”) in the slide set corresponds with a sub-chapter in the manual.  Student completes the course by written exam.

2.     New: Students read the manual by themselves (on tablet, laptop or desktop) and fill in the Knowledge Reviews (KR). The instructor discusses the KR with the students, followed by the written exam.


The strict application of the approach of safety through relaxation leads to a great number of small changes and corrections on all course levels. Additional to these, a few major changes are introduced as well:


·       General: AIDA now makes a distinction between recreational and competitive/extreme freediving: The AIDA Education System basic courses addresses mainly recreational freediving, which is based on a relaxation approach. AIDA speciality courses teach techniques targeted mainly for the competitive/extreme freedivers

·       General: The term “breathe-up” has been replaced by “Relaxation Phase”: AIDA teaches a relaxation technique to prepare for a breath hold. Further, filling the lungs with air before a breath hold is now called “One Full Breath”. Please read AIDA2 Manual, Chapter 3 for a full description of this approach.

·       AIDA1/2: AIDA1 is teaching excerpts of the AIDA2 course. The AIDA1 manual does not contain any separate content.

·       AIDA2: New Chapter 6, “Freedive Technique”, mainly focusing on CWT

·       AIDA3: O2-training tables are not explained in depth anymore. These are practises of competitive or extreme freediving and are not part of recreational freediving.

·       AIDA3: New workshop “Free fall training” by W. Trubridge and J. Sunnex

·       AIDA3: Introduction of the topic “Surface Intervals”.

You will also find AIDA Education Videos: www.vimeo.com/aidafreediving

Please read all manuals and adapt your teaching accordingly. If you have questions feel free to send an email to education@aidainternational.org.

What´s next?


We are already working on the next release, which will be AIDA4 and the Instructor Training. We are convinced that with these updated Education Materials, we have a great tool for the further development of the AIDA Education System. These materials will be kept updated, and only the latest versions are downloadable from www.aidainternational.org.


Jean-Pol Francois

AIDA Education Officer

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